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Outreach is an important part of my astronomy work. I was previously the president of the Johns Hopkins Physics Department Graduate Outreach Organization. We raised several thousand dollars in grant money to construct two portable planetaria to screen astronomy shows written and recorded by graduate students (myself included) in World Wide Telescope.

I also enjoy speaking to the public on various astronomy topics but especially supermassive black holes. I gave a talk entitled "The Monster at the Center of Galaxy" at Astronomy on Tap T.O. on February 9, 2018 which was viewed live by over 500 people. I also spoke about "The Energetic Lives of Supermassive Black Holes" to an audience of roughly one hundred at the University of Toronto's AstroTours.


Quirks and Quarks July 2018

Where exactly are we in the Milky Way?

Astronomy on Tap T.O. Feb. 2018

The Monster at the Center of Our Milky Way

David Dunlap Observatory July 13 2019

The Black Hole Decade

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